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Find out what Genetics Testing can do for YOU!

(Because one-size does NOT fit all.)

Get Individualized diet, training, and lifestyle recommendations. to live happier, healthier, fitter, stronger, longer, better.

What's on the Test? 

Who Can Benefit from DNA Testing?

Watch this 3-minute vid to learn how you can live longer and healthier w/ DNA testing! 

  • People with undiagnosed or unresolved chronic illness

  • Overweight individuals who can't lose  weight

  • Athletes seeking to push the training envelope for peak performance

  • Longevity enthusiasts wanting ideas how to extend their life span

  • Lovers of Life looking for ways to optimize lifestyle to feel their best

  • People wanting to reduce pain and inflammation

Things you will Learn on the Test:

  1. What diet, lifestyle and supplements are best suited for your body

  2. What kind of training and exercise your genes are adapted for 

  3. Which pathways are strong and which need extra support 

  4. What genes, in what systems, are having the greatest influence including:

    1. Cellular systems such as methylation and detoxification​

    2. Energy systems such as weight, exercise response and appetite.

    3. Activity systems such as endurance, recovery rate and susceptibility to injury

    4. Cardiovascular system such as cholesterol and blood clotting factors

    5. Mood, brain and memory, bone health, joints, glucose and insulin, hormone balance and more. 

How it Works:

  1. Order your test

  2. Receive the kit in the mail.

  3. Collect your saliva sample

  4. Return the sample in the mail.

  5. Wait approx. 3 weeks

  6. Receive an appt to discuss your results with actionable recommendations for improved health and longevity.

OR -- Even Better! --

Get the Most out of your Test

with full DNA Coaching

DNA strand

Meet Your Consultant

photo of Chen Zheng Ar-Rashid, functional mediciine practitioner

Chen Zheng Ar-Rashid, M.A.,

Ms. Ar-Rashid is a Functional Medicine Practitioner and executive director of Optimal Health Body Rebalancing, a Whole-Person virtual health practice that seeks to identify and remedy the ROOT CAUSE of chronic pain and illness so that every person can enjoy vibrant health for the active and fulfilling life they deserve. 

We are happy to partner with 3x4 Genetics to provide the highest quality diagnostics for our clients' health.

Sustainable Weight Loss

"I've never been petite. Only now, after my 3x4 experience do I know there were lots of underlying reasons for my body's resistance to weight loss. Since addressing them, I've lost 20 Kg (44 lbs). This is the New Me!" 


Optimal Health Body Rebalancing

If you've read the BROCHURE & still have questions, please contact us here:

Thanks for visiting. We'll get back to you soon! 

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